Swen Kählert

Hamburg Mitte

Painting, Sculpture

About Swen Kählert

The elaborate structures of color produced by Swen Kählert demonstrate how landscape painting can be entirely reconceptualized. Line upon line, he meticulously layers the paint over the course of months, his hand performing the same motion again and again. Nature is the model, showing us that one thing is always build upon another. Using this as a guiding principle, structures of pure paint are created that seem to remind us of something familiar, yet nevertheless remain abstract. The exist in a gray zone between painting and sculpture, between the picture plane and three-dimensional space. An amalgam is formed between the role of the artist and the architect, characterized by spatial thinking coupled with the joy of experimenting with materials.

Swen Kählert was born in Hamburg in 1969 and studied architecture at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW). He expanded his artistic spectrum by studying under Armin Sandig, a painter and graphic artist. In 1997, a travel grant brought him to Venezuela, where he competed designs for metro stations and public plazas in Caracas. In 2014, he received the Kunstflecken art prize in Neumünster. His work has been shown in numerous exhibitions both in Germany and abroad.