Darko Caramello Nikolic


Painting, Sculpture, Installation

About Darko Caramello Nikolic

Perception is the central topic in the work of Darko Caramello Nikolic. His images enable us to step into kaleidoscopic universes where the eye not only learns simply to see harmony in chords of color, but also to perceive, feel, and open oneself to the finer nuances and differences within them. According to the artist, this process is essential because it enables us to perceive our own selves, which is a fundamental prerequisite for being able to make relevant observations about society or politics.

Inspired by concrete art, minimalism, and op art, Darko’s paintings and his extensive installations play with shape and color. His works always have an experimental quality to them as well, often they are set up like a conceptual test array. As psychological inquiries, they facilitate a personal reflection on our subjective proclivities and antipathies, as well as our individual aesthetic perception.

Darko Caramello Nikolic (*1979 in Göttingen) comes from the graffiti and street art scene; this background is reflected today in projects that he creates in public space. After graduating from the Hamburger Technischen Kunstschule (HTK) in 2005, he did professional training as an artist for comics and cartoons. Darko has been creating abstract, conceptual works since 2008, which have been shown in numerous exhibitions in recent years. His art is represented in the Ninjang collection in China, among others. Furthermore, his work can also be seen in public spaces in cities such as Hannover and Hamburg. In recent years, he has had solo exhibitions throughout Germany, most recently in Hamburg at the Affenfaust Galerie and the OZM Galerie. Moreover, his work has been presented at various art fairs.