Astrid Ehlers


Drawing, Etching

About Astrid Ehlers

What does a picture of a rope, meticulously drawn line for line with fascinating accuracy, have to do with human thought? Why do we try to recognize patterns in everything? And how is artistic creation capable of digging below the surface of what is visible? The drawings, dry-point etchings, and installations of Astrid Ehlers open the door to placing ostensibly prosaic into new contexts and surprising relationships with one another. Astrid Ehler’s graphic works, which are created over time periods of up to two years, are carefully formulated artistic compositions expressing her fascination with the world around us.

Astrid Ehlers, born in Kaltenkirchen in 1985, lives and works in Hamburg. She graduated with a Master of Fine Arts from the HfBK in Hamburg, where she studied under Prof. Matt Mullican. She has been a member of the Saloon network in Hamburg since 2018. Her art was nominated for the Hiscox prize in 2013. Then, in 2015, she was one of the nominees for the Karl H. Ditze foundation. She received the artist in residence grant from the Fine Art Printmaking Workshop in Dresden, in cooperation with the Hamburg Ministry of Culture and Media and the Dresden Office for Culture and Monument Protection. Aside from studying in Dresden, this grant involved an exhibition of her work.