Florian Huber


Object Art, Sculpture, Installation

About Florian Huber

A smiley made out of confetti, balloons in every color, conserved for eternity, or a neon-yellow piñata made of metal: at first glance, Florian Huber’s work may seem like multicolored pop. Yet the superficial motifs in his art simply bait the viewer, luring them in until they discover the profound social commentary that is surprisingly and subversively embedded in his work.

Subjects such as social divisions, luxury, and transience are hidden behind the aesthetic of material images, objects, and installations that could best be described as “Instagrammable Post-Pop” and have taken on an entirely new level of meaning since the COVID-19 pandemic upended our world.

Florian Huber (*1985) has drawn attention in recent years with his large-scale installations in public space, many of which are highly political. In addition to his own artistic activity, he was a member of the curatorial team at xpon-art gallery in Hamburg from 2015 to 2019, and he has served as the technical director of the international forest art trail in Darmstadt since 2016. He has also been a member of the artist collective “Feine Menschen” (Fine People) since 2015. The work of Florian Huber has recently been shown at the Leipzig Museum of Fine Arts and galleries such as the Galerie Renate Kammer and the Evelyn Drewes Galerie in Hamburg.