Bianca Müllner


Painting, Object Art, Installation, Photography, Video

About Bianca Müllner

Now that we live in the digital age, are we still comfortable in our own skin? Or has our use of media distanced us from our own bodies? Is skin simply yet another superficial characteristic to be optimized? In her painting, objects, installations, photographs, and video work, Bianca Müllner investigates the nature of skin as our connection between the interior and exterior, as a membrane to the world.

Fascinating analogies can be found within her work: vulnerability is exuded from the rupturing surfaces of thickly applied paint; a feeling of alienation is palpable in the digital artifacts that occur in her close-up photography of the epidermis. Müllner’s video work deals with the problem of media transformation and the bodily disorientation that accompanies it: an invisible hand caresses a skin-like surface and produces distorted noises, as the moving picture appears both digital and sensorial to an equal extent. By embedding the video in an installation in which two dancers are moving, the question of our relationship to our own bodies registers like a seismograph.

Bianca Müllner (*1973) studied at the HAW Hamburg. In recent years, her work has been presented at numerous solo exhibitions and group shows. In addition to her artistic work, she is also involved with exhibitions as a curator. She regularly invites artists to exhibit their work at her spacious atelier. For several years, she has also been active as a board member of the BBK (the German trade association for fine artists). Working together with the artist Anna Genger, she has created a space that combines art and corporeality, called “L’apotheque.” In a landmark-protected pharmacy in the heart of St. Pauli, a museum for historic sex toys is juxtaposed with an exhibition space for contemporary art.