Michaela Melián


Sound Art, Video, Photography, Drawing, Installation

About Michaela Melián

From the very beginning, the artistic production of Michaela Melián has always involved breaking down boundaries. In 1980 she was a co-founder of the art school band F.S.K., which bridged the gap between punk rock and the oncoming movement of the Neue Deutsche Welle. Until today, Michaela Melián’s creative work is characterized by merging different genres and media into an artistic audiovisual experience that enables the viewers to completely immerse themselves in a world of ideas. Her artworks are contemplative, political, socially critical, and thoroughly researched deep-dives into topics, yet at the same time, she approaches the subjects in a sensorial way. They are often founded upon historical facts, which are then interwoven with the artist’s own personal memories. She frequently produces temporary works that are explicitly designed for public spaces.

Michaela Melián (*1956) has been teaching as a Professor for Temporal Media at the HFBK Hamburg since 2010. Born in Munich, she initially studied Music and subsequently graduated with a Fine Arts degree from the Academy of Fine Arts, Munich. Since then, her work has been shown in numerous solo-exhibitions and continuously seen in museums. The awards that she has received for her work in recent years not only include prizes in the field of visual arts, but also for her production of audio dramas. Michaela Melián lives and works in Hamburg and Munich.


Michaela Melián at the HFBK Hamburg Gallery Representation: Barbara Gross Galerie Gallery Representation: Galerie Karin Guenther