Greta Rauer


Painting, Drawing, Installation

About Greta Rauer

Childhood, memory, and mourning are the main subjects in Greta Rauer’s artistic practice. In her paintings and installations, she discovers contemporary interpretations of these essential themes in human nature. In the process, she always leaves a certain amount of space for the viewer to bring his or her own subjective associations and memories. The empty space in the work is an invitation to the viewer: step inside the work in your mind and use your imagination to add to what is actually depicted.

Quiet and contemplative are the words that best describe the work of Greta Rauer. They empathically encompass the essential themes of our existence and provide new and affectionate variations on the tradition of vanitas painting, which for centuries has been reminding us of the transience of our existence.

Greta Rauer (*1995) graduated with a B.A. from the HfBK Hamburg in 2019 and is currently working on her MFA there while studying under Angela Bulloch. Her works have not only been shown in the 2019 graduate exhibition, but also at the Rik Reinking collection at the Woods Art Institute in 2019 and 2020, as well as at the group exhibition “Mourning: On Loss and Change” at the Hamburger Kunsthalle.